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  • Jeremy Gilbert (Second Camera)

    Jeremy Gilbert is a television promo producer who has contributed camera work on numerous Judith Klassen projects, as both a still photographer and a videographer....

  • Robert McGee (Cinematographer) Rob McGee has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and is now working as a freelance photographer and videographer. He has collaborated...

  • Love in the Sixth Team

    The small and mighty team behind Love in the Sixth has created myriad successful projects using the resources we already own, are able to borrow,...

  • The Teaches of TV

    The Teaches of TV Judith Klassen If youai??i??re like me your mind is as wide open as the mountain meadow on The Sound of Music....

  • No New is Bad News

    The Currency of Current Judith Klassen Someday weai??i??ll view this period of media madness like folks did the light bulb. Yes, electric illumination is efficient,...