The Acting Juice


INTRO: The best thing about making a film for no money is the freedom. Cast really interesting, intelligent people and let them go for it. Yes, there’sAi??a script but I’m certainly not going to tell people like John Doyle, Les Stroud, Mikela Jay, The Butler Brothers, or Dennis Trainer to stick to the sides in front of them. Especially if I’m pouring vodka down their throats: Give me what you’ve got Beautiful Babies! You may not know this about Mister John Doyle, but he’s incredibly gracious about contributing to projects he deems groovy. For example: in 2011 for a Judecast Live sketch he sat in my living room while funny-lady Robyn Palmer grilled him about “his show” The Republic of Doyle. I figured if he’d do that he’d probably be cool with a faux Martini Think Tank.

And now a word (or 400) from our 2nd,Ai??Love in the Sixth guest blogger, the lovely and spicy Ai??actorvist, singer, model & righteous babe, Ai??Mikela Jay. JK

The Acting Juice ~ By Mikela Jay (Dee Dee Saunders)

When Judith Klassen told me she had written a small part with me in mind for herAi?? film (working title) ai???Mancation Nationai???, I was intrigued for a couple of reasons.Ai?? The first one being, finally a comedy! The second, we had met once before many years back while I was working on ai???The Corporationai??? in post-production (eventually narrating the film). Flash forward 10 years, & here I am playing ai???Actorvistai??? Dee Dee Saunders.

Dee Dee is apparently a TV darling, as well as the narrator of the highest grossing Canadian hit documentary film ever, that won 26 awards worldwide as well as 10 peopleai??i??s choice awards & legions of fans, ai???The

Hey!! Wait a minuteai??i?? confused? So was I. As it turns out, thatai??i??s exactly how Judeai??i??s crazy comedic brilliance shines forth. Taking something uber-meta & making it part of her larger story.Ai?? Now called ai???Love in the Sixthai???, I only appear in about three or four short scenes, but the one I blurrily recall is my first scene. The set-up: ai???Dee Deeai??? (moi), is to appear on a living room chat show called ai???The Martini Think Tankai???. Judeai??i??s kitchen doubled as the ai???make up trailerai???, with cast & crew breezing through still using it as a kitchen ~ by the time the great John Doyle arrived, we were all merrily ready-set-go!


Getting Think Tanked with John & Jude

The set (ie: living room) was delicately in place with little space to move, a smattering of ai???studio audienceai??i??, camera & lighting gear plus crew, Doyle/Jude/myself. As soon as we were all in place, Jude clapped her hands & yelled ai???Actionai???. Without choosing to, I became a method actor on the spot due to the acting juice in my hand (part of the scene, of course). Although I knew my lines, the thought ai???what happens right before this?ai??? came to mind – because I knew what was coming!


Vivacious Allison Surtees, who plays Dee Deeai??i??s mega-publicist, was waiting off camera. My visual of her was being like a female bull in a china shop, ready to charge, on her period.Ai?? Ruled by fear, I tried to imagine what mustai??i??ve happened immediately before I walked onto the set ai??i?? all her warnings of what not to talk about, or questions to answerai??i?? which kind of left me with nothing to say!


My handler takes charge! Played by Professor Surtees.

Allison stole the scene as she roared-on-in like a protective mama lioness!Ai?? And like that, it was over in a flash. My cheeks still hurt from how happy we all were with the way it played out. Or it could just have been from the acting juice.


2nd Cameraman, Jeremy Gilbert takes a final snap.

Click the link below for an explanation of the feature film, Love in the Sixth.




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