Tru Love


Love and other Afflictions 

Just when you think you’ll never collaborate or love again someone exceptional crashes the gates of your guarded inner empire. When Tru Love filmmakers, Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald separately headed out for a late night drink in the fall of 2010, neither one of them expected to meet a crucial collaborator in the making of her first feature film. Like a classic “meet-cute” in a romcom, actor MacDonald (Saint Ralph) approached screenwriter Johnston to apologize for a loud, loaded friend’s behavior and ended up agreeing to read Johnston’s script. The two quickly bonded and Johnston’s short film became a full length feature starring and co-directed by MacDonald.


Says Johnston, “It’s been non-stop synchronicity! We were having a story meeting at the Gabardine [café], where we shot, and our waitress comes over and she has True Love tattooed on her fingers.”

MacDonald laughs, “Yeah, if we weren’t sure before – that did it.”


Tru Love, which had a stunning premiere in the UK at Raindance Film Festival, is a gorgeously shot winter romance between two women of different generations. The film explores the uncontrollable nature of love, the anxiety it stirs, and ultimately Tru Love defends romantic love as being worth all the pain it engenders. As the beautiful widow, Alice, Kate Trotter (Covert Affairs) is poignant and powerful. The relationship between Tru (MacDonald) and Alice’s daughter, Suzanne (Christine Horne) is edgy and deliciously awkward. So far the film has been accepted at over 65 festivals and has won several awards including Best International Feature (FilmOut Fest) and Trotter has been nominated for an ACTRA award.10835027_799517603444266_483025526072924204_o

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