Wendy Sinclair (Actor / Singer / Choreographer)

Wendy Sinclair

Wendy SinclairWendy met Jude in the schoolyard and fastly formed a friendship that may just last a lifetime. The pair have a mirror-like relationship that brings out innocent laughter, authentic tears, cathartic creativity, sister-like support and good-old-fashioned vanity.

Wendy has been a performing artist her whole life; writing plays with her twin sister during the dog days of her childhood summers in Winnipeg, as well as dance, theatre, musical theatre, Improv teams, radio dramas, Fringe Festivals, and choreographing & coaching cheerleading stunt teams.

She took it up a notch when she buggered off to China for 2 years and did her song- and-dance for the young children in her ESL classes while writing wacky curriculums. She moved to the UK and studied theatre in London before taking a hiatus to have babies and publish a series of cookbooks.

Wendy Jude

Wendy and Jude as Mavis and Dani in Love in the Sixth

Wendy is thrilled to be given another chance to perform and sees meeting Jude as pure and wonderful kismet!

In her spare time Wendy enjoys cutting a rug, blogging as the FeministBuddhist, clowning around with her kids, delving down the rabbit hole of solitude, and experimenting with all types of love.

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