The Butler Brothers (Actors/Editors)

The Butler Brothers

The Butler BrothersJude randomly met the brothers (Jason & Brett) in her neighbourhood in 2008. She interviewed them on the making of Confusions of an Unmarried Couple and has kept tabs on their trajectory ever since. Their inspired indie flick Mourning Has Broken is currently doing wickedly well on the indie circuit and is coming to iTunes in Feb, 2015. The bros are hilarious in Love in the Sixth– singing and dancing and weeping in the shower. Their dedicated work on the editing of Love in the Sixth is paying off with artful whacky fabulousness.

The boys have been making indie flicks and stirring it up since they formed, Substance Production (SubProd) in 2003.

SubProd is the cocked and loaded offspring of maverick producers and brothers, Brett and Jason Butler. Based out of Toronto, SubProd is an independent production company dedicated to creating exciting, edgy and original content for film and television. With multiple film festival awards and several feature scripts in development, SubProd is poised to unleash a new and fearless form of entertainment into households worldwide.

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