Asher Ettinger (Music Supervisor/Soundtrack Composer)

Asher Ettinger

Asher EttingerFast Ford Nation & Jude’s Martini Think Tank composer and in house musician, Asher Ettinger is a formally trained composer, arranger, orchestrator and conductor. He’s created works for small and large ensembles, in styles ranging from Rock to Rachmaninoff to Electronica. His prolific output includes synthesizer work with Oscar Peterson, composing and conducting Charlotte Church, a opus of Piano Preludes, an English String Suite, and 3 cds entitled beatlegrooves (acid jazz), E- Bull (electronica), and Acid Opera (Opera and Art Song re-mixes). Asher also paints musical themes on canvas, including ‘Synaesthetics’ the painting that graces the homepage.

Asher Music

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