October 2014 Issue

October 2014

Canadaai??i??s Call Sheet

By Judith Klassen

Transporter: The Series is back for Season 2!

October 2014Transporter: The Series star, Chris Vance has always been a man of action and intellect. Fierce competition on muddy football pitches, in his UK university days, prepped him to throw down as an action hero. An extensive theatre background (writing, directing and producing) set him up for cerebral success. When heai??i??s not transporting himself into the mindset of his character, Frank Martin, Vance is hard at it as an executive producer on season two of the celebrated series. In his role as Martin, an ex-Special Forces operative turned high-end transporter of mysterious goods, Vance taps both his brains and his beauty to deliver the total package.

October 2014Between takes at a Toronto hospital location of the original The Movie Network and Movie Central drama, Vance weighs in on what keeps him motivated. Says Vance, ai???Itai??i??s an intense pace. I took on an executive producer role because I wanted to become more deeply involved — and to add an interesting challenge. Hey, why not juggle a few more details?ai???

Vance, who has played lead roles on the FOX shows, Mental, and the Emmy- nominated, Prison Break, has always embraced mentally and physically challenging experiences. In this big budget, globe-hopping, James Bond style series, Vance does his own leaping, scrapping, and kickboxing in the myriad, impressive fight scenes, and of course, he also enjoys a little onscreen downtime with the ladies.

October 2014ai???Frank Martin may live by three rules: Never change the deal, no names, never open the package — but heai??i??s a complicated man. Iai??i??m always looking for small, subtextual ways to reveal that. Itai??i??s all consuming, sometimes Iai??i??m still going in my dreams.ai???

Co stars include: Italian actress Violante Placido (The American), Canadian actor Mark Rendall (30 Days of Night).

Season 2 of Transporter: The Series is produced by Susan Murdoch for QVF Inc. and Olivier Bibas for Atlantique Productions. Showrunner / exec producer is the award- winning Frank Spotniz (X-Files). Also exec-producing, with Spotniz and Vance, is film and TV veteran Fred Fuchs (The Virgin Suicides).

44 Angry Artists

October 2014Being on a Skype call with stay-at-home-dad and filmmaker, Duncan Finnigan, is a very meta experience. As Finnigan describes the challenges that indie filmmakers face, his two young daughters demand his attention. Finnigan is used to this kind of multitasking: a big believer in the power of making it happen, he spearheads what he calls ai???the creative corridor to Toronto.ai??? His Kitchener / Waterloo collective, 12 Angry Filmmakers brings together 44 filmmakers, community builders and collaborators.

One of the artists Finnigan has ignited is Kitchener filmmaker Lindsay Stewart. Stewartai??i??s short film, Aramel, has a tortured female protagonist who emerged from a stream of consciousness poem. Says Stewart, ai???Duncan is fearless. Heai??i??ll walk in and ask for the boss and he wonai??i??t leave until he gets what he needs: Hence the incredible support from Technicolor, William F White, and Dazmo.ai???

October 2014The collective is creating 12 short films in 12 long months. Finniganai??i??s own project, The Last of Everything, is a six-minute narrative in one take, shot by Steadicam superstar Mitch Mommaerts, which explores immigration limbo. Finnigan describes his tireless networking as enlightened self-interest. Says Finnigan, ai???When you give you get back.ai???

Teenaged Wasteland

October 2014When writer / director Carolyn Saunders interviewed a young woman on a script she was writing, Anorexia and The Haunting Hag, for the popular, Canadian documentary series Ghostly Encounters, she was inspired to create a feature film. In The Wasting an anorexic teenager starts to see a ghost. Nobody takes her seriously as they assume sheai??i??s being haunted by her malnourished brain.

Says Saunders, ai???Itai??i??s based on the Ghostly Encounters story but it doesnai??i??t repeat it ai??i?? itai??i??s an exploration of perception and the nature of reality.ai???

The idea persisted in Saundersai??i?? dreamscape, urging her to make it happen by any means possible. Says Saunders, http://ujang.net/?p=5955 ai???Itai??i??s totally indie, our money was raised by beg, borrow, or steal and private investment. Some really great filmmakers and other collaborators jumped onboard. People love the script!ai???

October 2014Saunders also describes her feature as ai???a family affairai??? ai??i?? as her sons, Brendan Flynn and Sean Stevenson play brothers in the film. Says Saunders, ai???Brendan is a Toronto actor, and Sean just graduated with honors from Rosedale Heights where he won the drama award.ai???

The Wasting is produced by Jeanne Stromberg, shot by DOP Carl Elster, edited by Diane Brunjes, and stars: Yannick Bisson (Murdoch Mysteries), Alexz Johnson (Instant Star), and Raven Adamson (Laurent Cantetai??i??s Foxfire).


Judith Klassen is a Toronto-based writer, comedian, filmmaker, and host of the celeb talk show Judecast.

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