Love in the Sixth Team

Team MancationNation

The small and mighty team behind Love in the Sixth has created myriad successful projects using the resources we already own, are able to borrow, or can build ourselves. Aside from the hundreds of Judecast interviews with filmmakers, actors, writers, showrunners and musicians, we have produced over 11 political satire music videos taking on everything from Harper’s Prison Reform to Big Oil to our most popular topic, Rob Ford. The music videos of “Citizen Journalist Tasha James and Fast Ford Nation” have averaged around 40,000 hits per video. Tasha Hearts Rob Ford was praised in The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Life, Xtra, and featured in a CTV, W5 documentary about Ford that took its name from one of our songs, “Ford Tough.”

As a sample of what our team can put together in an afternoon, here’s a link to our version of a fabulous Amy Winehouse song (produced six months before Crackgate even happened):


Team MancationNationLiving in a large, groovy city like Toronto where people are almost always game no matter what you’re suggesting is well, incredible.

A running gag about the casting of this non-union film is, Love in the Sixth starring whoever shows up.”

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