Don McKellar

Don McKellar

Purple Reign

Judith Klassen

Don McKellarJude sits down in the CBC Artistai??i??s Lounge with international award-winning actor, writer, director, and producer of film, television and theatre, Don McKellar. The prolific McKellar wrote the book for the multiple Tony award winning musical The Drowsy Chaperone (with Bob Martin), co-wrote, buytadalafilonline20mg with director Francois Girard, the Genie award winning Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould and The Red Violin.

McKellar has a hefty trophy shelf that includes awards for his work on Twitch City, Atom Egoyanai??i??s Exotica, Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, and the venerated series Slings and Arrows. In 2011, McKellar and Martin created the critically acclaimed TV sitcom, Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays starring Martin and Matt Watts (The Newsroom, Slings and Arrows). An international star, McKellar still manages to retain those charming Canuck qualities of self-deprecating humour and deadpan wit.

  1. If you could be any character from a short story or a novel who would you be? Jesus.
  2. Do men with beards frighten you? Absolutely not: Iai??i??ve been one myself.

  4. Whatai??i??s your theme song? There was a period in my life when I demanded that every time I entered a room they would have to play Purple Rain.
  5. Whatai??i??s your greatest regret? I think I just answered that.
  6. Don McKellarWho would you want to witness your greatest success? Maybe Mrs. Joiner, my grade 11 English teacher… I love Mrs. Joiner. I would like her to be there so I could show her my success in a positive way. She once compared me to Neil Young, who was also a student of hers.
  7. Whatai??i??s the most inappropriate thing youai??i??ve ever said or worn? I did have a pair of green suede shoes that I wore one time, and regretted. Itai??i??s where I wore them that made it inappropriateai??i??but Iai??i??m not going to tell you that.
  8. Which David do you most identify with: Sedaris, Foley, Frum, Lynch, or Suzuki? Lynch, Foley, and then Suzuki at number three. More [identifying] would just be flattering myself.
  9. Lightening round! Leather or Lace? Leather. Beer or Wine? Wine.
  10. Human or inanimate object? Human… please!
  11. What would a movie based on your life be called? The Don McKellar Story.

Judith Klassen is a Toronto-based writer, performer, producer and host of the celeb interview show Judecast.

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