Jesse Camacho

Jesse Camacho

Cuz Baby he’s a Firework!

Judith Klassen

Jesse CamachoJude sits down with Montreal born and raised thespian Jesse Camacho. Dazzling young brainiac Camacho was determined to act from the time he could talk. At the age of eight he finally received permission from his actor parents (Pauline Little and Mark Camacho) to pursue his dream. Camacho immediately booked gigs, most notably the comedy Fries With That. But it was his role in the disquieting Twelve and Holding, helmed by Michael Cuesta (Dexter / Homeland) that launched him to the next level. Camacho’s performance as the troubled suburban kid, Leonard Fisher, intrigued the casting director for HBO’s Less Than Kind and led to him being cast in the critical role of Sheldon Blecher. Since booking LTK Camacho has scored substantial screen time including a role on the critically acclaimed film The Trotsky. New challenges include the highly anticipated City TV series Mother Up! On this animated comedy he plays Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria’s nine year-old son, Dick. Clearly Camacho is a Canuck to watch, and as you can see from his answers–he’s a great read as well.

  1. Jesse CamachoWhat is something that no one would suspect about you? That I have 10 Katy Perry songs on my phone: I listen to her when I’m walking, when I’m on the treadmill. I don’t know why—I just do.
  2. If you could have a famous person cook for you—who would it be and what would they prepare? It would probably be Gordon Ramsay, just to see if he’s as hard on people as he is in Hell’s Kitchen. As for what he’d prepare, whatever he wants. I wouldn’t argue with him!
  3. Jesse CamachoIf you could be any character from a short story or a novel, who would you be? I would be Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. He’s a very intelligent character and another thing I like about Albus is he’s not in Twilight.
  4. If you could have a free, 15-minute shopping spree anywhere in the world where would it be? It would be in this little shop in LA that sells nothing but movie scripts. I love and collect movie scripts—I would grab every script in the store.
  5. What do you consider the most exciting or delicious smell on the planet? Any form of chicken. I’m a huge chicken eater!
  6. What’s the most inappropriate thing you’ve ever said or worn? Oh, worn! That would be, these bright salmon-pink pants. I had to wear them on set, but I actually willingly wore them to a mall to beg forgiveness from my friend. She forgave me!
  7. Jesse CamachoWhat book(s) is on your bedside table right now? Funnily enough, the complete Harry Potter collection: They were the first books I ever read and they turned me on to books.
  8. Which John would you be: Jon Dore, John Hamm, John Doyle, or John Ralston Saul? Oh, John Hamm! I’ve heard women say he’s a good-looking guy—I dunno, don’t see it. (Laughs) He’s an incredible actor, yeah, John Hamm.
  9. Jesse CamachoIf you could be on any TV show past or present what would it be and why? I’d have to go with Breaking Bad. I love Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The writing on that show is phenomenal, as is everything else: Easily my favourite.
  10. If success is the best revenge, who is watching? A girl in my math class in grade nine told me I would never ever make it as an actor. And then I booked the show [Less Than Kind]! If she’s reading this then—take it! Yeah!
  11. Who would you most like to be trapped in an elevator with? I’d like to be trapped with an elevator with Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan. I love to write and he is someone who has created a great show that I personally believe has sustained its quality over five seasons. And for different reasons, Scarlett Johansson. Only because I think she’s cool! (Big grin) No other reason.
  12. What’s your theme song? “Firework” by Katy Perry. I know, ha ha, but it’s true.

Judith Klassen is a Toronto-based writer, performer, producer and host of the celeb interview show Judecast.

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