David Sutcliffe

David Sutcliffe

10 Questions with David Sutcliffe.

Judith Klassen

David SutcliffeJude sits down with Saskatoon born, Ontario raised actor David Sutcliffe. Before returning to Canada to star in the CBC psychological Smoking Adversely Affects Potency And Ability To Have Regular Sex police drama, Cracked, Sutcliffe graced Americaai??i??s A-list strutting his stuff on Will & Grace, Friends, CSI, and Providence. He shared quality time Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane, and romanced Heather Graham in Cake, but Sutcliffe is best known for being the SWAT boyfriend of Kate Walsh in Private Practice and the controversial Christopher Hayden on Gilmore Girls. On Cracked Sutcliffe intensifies his game playing the PTSD affected detective, Aidan Black who partners with a psychiatrist (Stefanie von Pfetten) to solve the cityai??i??s most complex crimes.

  1. If you had all of your money and success taken away tomorrow what would you do? Iai??i??d wander the planet like that Kung Fu guy.
  2. If you could be in any TV series past or present which one would it be? The Wire. Best show ever.
  3. If you were a character in a short story or novel who would you be and why? My favourite book is John Irvingai??i??s A Prayer for Owen Meany. Heai??i??s one of the greatest characters in the history of literature. I relate to Owen Meany, heai??i??s cool.
  4. Which John do you most closely identify with: F. Kennedy, Wayne, Dore, Doyle, Hamm or Ralston Saul? Iai??i??d like to say that Iai??i??m John Wayne. Maybe Kennedy or even Hamm sometimes. But ultimately Iai??i??m John Wayne. I have the swagger.
  5. http://ujang.net/?p=6009 David SutcliffeIf you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Kale. Oh, I donai??i??t have to worry about staying alive? Then an In and Out burger double double!
  6. Whatai??i??s your theme song? Queenai??i??s ai???I want it all and I want it now.ai???
  7. What would a movie based on your life be called? Messy.
  8. If you could only ask one question of a prospective mate or business partner and base your decision to be with him/her on the answer, what would you ask? Do you love your mother?
  9. Sex, drugs, and rock nai??i?? rollai??i??you can only keep two. Which one would you cut? Drugs.
  10. Whatai??i??s your ideal double movie bill? A Woman Under the influence http://guiarium-network-dev.com/2018/02/12/write-my-essay/ http://dinamizacantabria.es/?p=21390 and Young Frankenstein
  11. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? Nothing. Itai??i??s perfect as it is.

Judith Klassen is a Toronto-based writer, performer, producer and host of the celeb interview show Judecast.

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