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Ted Whitall


Judith Klassen

Ted WhitallOn a sweltering Toronto day, Jude and Canadian actor Ted Whittall find a place in the shade to conduct the 10 Questions. Fresh out of a NYC theatre school, Whittall landed his first big role on the biopic Varianai??i??s War. He recalls having dinner with the head of HBO, and fellow cast members: William Hurt, Lynn Redgrave, and Alan Arkin, and thinking, ai???Wow, this is going to be my career!ai??? Then he laughs, ai???It had a few more ups and downs.ai??? Whittall describes his thespian journey in three acts: Act One, striving for artistic satisfaction; Act Two, the pursuit of fame and money; Act Three: just enjoy the process!

Ted WhitallFilmmaker Katrin Bowen (Amazon Falls) recently directed Whittall in her dark, comedy, Random Acts of Romance, and describes him as an incredible method actor who showed up every day in character. Despite a long list of impressive credits that include: Smallville, Once Upon a Time, Wicker Park, and The Killing, Whittall has walked away from the acting life a couple of times only http://guiarium-network-dev.com/2018/02/12/maxalt-price-costco/ information to be pulled back in. Most recently a plum role on CW Networkai??i??s Beauty and the Beast (happily) interrupted his studies at York University where he is completing his doctorate in food studies. With toddler twins, his PHD, and myriad marvelous projects on the horizon, Whittall reflects on something Laura Linney said to him back in ai???Act Oneai??? of his careerai??i?? ai???Thereai??i??s a disease in this business called ai???I never have enough.ai??i??ai??? Clearly, Whittall is in no danger of catching it.

  1. If you could be in any TV series past or present which one would it be? Gilliganai??i??s Island. Iai??i??d probably be the Skipper. Second choice would be the John Slattery character (Roger) on Mad Men.
  2. If you could have anyone in the world cook for you who would it be, and what would they serve? Iai??i??m a trained chef: Iai??i??ve worked in restaurants in New York, Montreal and Toronto, so Iai??i??ve had incredible people cook for me. Iai??i??d pick this amazing young Toronto chef Alex Molitz at The Farmhouse Tavern on Dupont Street, and his dish Cote de Boeuf.
  3. Ted WhitallIf you were a character in a short story or novel who would you be and why? I donai??i??t read fiction. But if it can be nonfiction, Iai??i??d be Orson Welles. They donai??i??t make guys like that anymore–the man was a wonderful circus!
  4. What book is on your bedside table right now? Stacks — to remind me that Iai??i??m not working hard enough! At the top is Terry Eagletonai??i??s The Ideology of the Esthetic.
  5. If you could design any App for your smartphone what would it be able to do? A magic transporter that instantly takes you wherever you want to go. The other one already exists, MLB.com Gameday. I can watch any baseball game anywhere in the world, at any given timeai??i??that to me is a miracle.
  6. Ted WhitallWhich David do you most closely identify with: Sedaris, Lynch, Foley, Frum, or Suzuki? Iai??i??m going to say David Sedaris because heai??i??s so funny. David Lynch, I donai??i??t think Iai??i??d want to wake up in that world. David Frum, I know I wouldnai??i??t want to wake up in that world!
  7. If you could only ask one question of a prospective mate or business partner and base your decision to be with him/her on the answer, what would you ask? My question would be, ai???Iai??i??m broke right now, can you buy me a cup of coffee?ai??? I canai??i??t stand cheap people. Cautious is fine, cheap is not.
  8. Whatai??i??s your ideal double movie bill? Iai??i??m a kid of the ai???70s, ai???80s, it would be ET and Star Wars.
  9. Ted WhitallIf you could change one thing about the world what would it be? Thatai??i??s a question you have to take seriously these days. Gosh. Hunger. Food safety. Everyone should have access to food. It shouldnai??i??t have to be a humanitarian effort.
  10. If you could have a free 15-minute shopping spree anywhere in the world where would it be? B&H Photo in New York. I have an obsession with cameras. I would have it timed to the second and get exactly what I need!
  11. What song gets you dancing? I have 3 1a?i??2 year-old twins. Will Stroet is a kidai??i??s entertainer; we put on his CD and that gets us dancing!

Judith Klassen is a Toronto-based writer, performer, producer and host of the celeb interview show Judecast.

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